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Hello! So here’s the update on the house. After the water was removed with a gigantic vacuum thingy, the professionals came in to do the drying out of the home. Unfortunately for us, that meant tearing it to shreds. 🙁

where my sink was

where my sink was



Floors were ripped out, cabinets and countertops were demo’d and sinks and toilets are now in odd places in the house.  The toilet in the master bath is now sitting inside the shower.  🙂

So, for two weeks we’ve been living in a hotel room with a tiny fridge.  You know the kind that has the little baby freezer at the top?  And the closets here are about two feet wide.  The hubs took it over with all of his suits and dress shirts so I got the “dresser” for all of my painting clothes.

No, I really don’t mean to sound ungrateful.  There has been a silver lining.


I mean not everyone has an indoor pool at their “house,” right?!

Next steps are to get our furniture and “contents” moved out of the house so we can get the contractors in there to install floors, drywall, baseboards, crown moulding, sinks, toilets, tile, etc. ….

Our friends and neighbors have been so amazingly helpful to us.  People have given us food, gift cards, helped us pack, donated boxes and packing supplies…..Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, called, texted, emailed, etc.  We appreciate you!

Oh, and did I mention that the hotel has free happy hour each night??

New Year Goals…and the day it rained in my house.

Hello friends,
One of my goals for 2014 is to blog more regularly. I have so many before and after projects and tutorials that I would love to show you all but in 2013 it seemed as though running the store always took precedent over blogging. Now that the store has been open for nine months and its running smoothly, I am going to prioritize blogging! I am hoping to get one post up each week, hopefully on Mondays.


So…without further ado, my first post will be about the day that it rained inside my house. It was last Tuesday to be exact. I picked up my boys from school and drove home, as usual. I pushed the garage door opener button and as the door raised, i noticed this, coming from inside.



Hmmmmm…..that’s weird.  I pulled the car back out into the driveway and told my boys to stay inside the car.  As I walked into the garage, I could hear what sounded like a waterfall inside my house.  I walked in to find this…


Standing water about three inches deep all over the entire main floor of the house.


Here’s the culprit.  A pipe burst above the kitchen, and made a hole in the ceiling.  Water was spraying out of this hole when I walked in.

image-3 image-5 image-2

You can see the water dripping down our chalkboard wall.  This wall is full of water.

I tried not to panic, although I did freak out a little, but with the help of a neighbor was able to turn the main water off to our house.  There was water coming out of our electrical breaker box so we had to turn off the power to the house as well.  Neighbors came over and brought a shop vac and helped us get up as much as the water as we could and move our furniture to dry ground.  A water restoration service provider was able to come out within an hour and vacuumed up most of the standing water with his fancy vacuum.  I took the kids to my parent’s house for the night.

The next day, Service Masters came out to assess the damage and I’ll show you pics of what happened in the next post.  This journey is going to be crazy and frustrating, but through it I’m going to attempt to blog about the house, the upcoming renovations and God’s provision through the process.  photo

Signing off now from the comfort of our new home (hotel room)……….

Sharon 🙂